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Matthew's Story

A letter submitted by Matthew's stepfather

Dear Young Carers,

This is a short story about my Step Son Matthew Littlemore who is a Young Carer for his younger brother Christopher. Matthew has been a major part of Christopher's care needs over the years and has never seen his brother as a burden or a chore, he has only shown true brotherly love!

With all these challenges for Matthew he has also been working at Hungry Jacks doing approximately 20 hours per week. Rest of what time he has was mostly spent studying. During Matthews final year at Rockingham High, he achieved numerous awards. It made my wife and I so proud to see our son achieving this and doing so well under the circumstances.

Come Graduation night we were expecting Matthew to come home with a certificate, well he did better than that!

Mathematics 3C/D Award for Excellence.
Chemistry 3A/B Award for Excellence.
Mathematics Specialist 3C/D Award for Excellence
Physics 3A/B Award for Excellence.
Design Technical Graphics 1C/D Meritorious Efforts.
DET Best And Brightest Award.
BP Australia Award for Excellence in Science.

And to top all of these marvellous awards off, Matthew was named DUX of Rockingham High for Year 12, 2012.

As parents Mandy and I were so proud of our Son Matthew, Matthew overcame all odds, he has proven that against the odds anything can be achieved.

The reason for writing this letter was to show to other Young Carers that if you believe in your self, don't give up and embrace your life, you can achieve anything.
To Matthew my Son, well done mate, you've made me so happy as a Father and made many people proud of you!

Please feel free to print this story.
Kind Regards,
Arthur Cain.