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Young Carer Photography Competition 2016


Prize Winners 

Young Carer 8 - 14 years old

Winner: Ben 

Photo description:

“This is a symbol to show what I hope for the future at home.
I took this photo because it is what I hope and wish for in my life”.


Runner Up: Tess 

Photo description: 

“This photo was taken from my point of view of my brother and the journeys we go on. We were driving through the countryside and I thought it would make a nice and symbolic picture. It features my brother whom is looking out the window of our car. Being a young carer you are taken on many journeys, you could say that life is a constant journey. It’s a rollercoaster and you are holding on just like he is in the picture. There is almost never a dull moment. Being a young carer in my position I overlook and look out for my Down syndrome brother whilst looking at the greater beauty he shows us.”



Young Carer 15 - 25 years old

Winner: Amanda 

Photo description: 

“This picture is of my older sister when she first woke up one morning. She has currently been helping our disabled mother gain entry and study at university whilst also undertaking her own studies at University. The joy on her face shows her positive outlook on life and that she is more than happy to undertake such challenges to help our mum. The emotion I wish to convey in this image is joy and how it can influence the way we view things.”


 Runner Up: Salma 

 Photo description: 

“In this photo I am putting my brother his night drops in his nose because the doctor said he has some kind of infection and that the drops will really help, so before he goes to sleep I always remember and put it for him, I also put some Vicks which opens his nose a little more and makes it easier for him to breathe. I feel really comfortable after I put it for him because I know that I have done something to benefit him.”


Winners of the Carers WA Staff Choice Award

 Winner for 8 - 14yrs: Cooper 

Photo description:
"This picture is of myself, my twin brothers, and my autistic brother who has had a big journey. This picture shows that he is not alone in his journey and that his brothers are with him every step of the way. As a team….anything and everything is possible. We stand united."


 Winner for 15-25yrs: Ebony 

Photo description: 
"This is a picture of my brother enjoying his time under the hose, he has trouble controlling his body temperature but there isn’t much help out there for him to keep him regulated."