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Young Carer Photography Competition 2015 


Prize Winners 

Young Carer 8 - 12 years old

Winner: Jessica Espenlaub

Photo description:

"My sister Emily was calming my brother Ben down after a meltdown. Living with disability in your home you learn what works best for that person.

My name is Jessica and my little brother who has disabilties can sometimes be annoying, clever and playful."

Jessica Espenlaub

Runner Up: Matthew Myers

Photo description:

"It's about me having trouble to help my mum & my brother. Balancing school, sport & friends. Sometimes I feel there is too much to do".

Matthew Myers 

Young Carer 13 - 17 years old

Winner: Aisha Joyce

Photo description:

"From the point of view of a person with a disability, a lot of they time they probably feel like they are being locked out of the world as people exclude them just because they may look different or act different. I have shown in the picture a lock closing off the way through to the other side. 
As a young carer i try to include my older brother as much as i can so he doesn't feel this way".

Aisha Joyce 

Runner Up: Carrah Stuart

Photo description:

"The photo shows a man climbing a mountain and he has a long way to go. I feel as that’s what I’m doing, I’m climbing a mountain but I’m only half way through the climb. I think it show the emotions of hope and faith. Hope that they will get through it and faith that they can".

Carrah Stuart 

Young Carer 18 - 25 years old

Winner: Elise Gielens

Photo description:

"This is an image of two of my sisters. The baby is Saar Bear who had a lot of medical issues and was not a normal child. Larissa who is holding Saar Bear, helped by doing little things like getting a bottle from the fridge, holding tubes and cords and many other things."

Elise Gielens Winner 

Runner Up: Elise Gielens

Photo description:

"This is my three sisters, Saar Bear (the baby) was born with Down Sydrome and an acquired brain injury. Getting them all together wasn't something that happened very often. I care for my mother and uncle who are both mentally ill. I cared for my baby sister until her passing."

Elise Gielens RU 

Photographer's Choice

Scott Guerini

Photo description:

"The inspiration behind my photo is my brother and how I help him do things everyday. I wanted my picture to show how I love and care for my brother. It shows things we do together, the things I help him with and the words that show how I feel being a young carer. I set up the photo, the camera and the timer so I had time to run into the photo and be a part of it".

Scott Guerini