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Carers WA recently launched our own YouTube channel. Young Carers WA has two YouTube videos on the channel which talk about the Young Carers WA program and young carers. There are also lots of videos of carer’s personal stories and Carers WA events.

In ‘Young Carers WA: Who Are Young Carers’ young carer Lexie, 13, gives an interview about what it’s like to be a young carer for her older sister, Allara. This video and the ‘Young Carers WA Program’ video were filmed by not-for-profit organisation, WASTV. In ‘The Young Carers WA Program’, viewers can see what it’s like to attend young carer events, workshops and camps.

WASTV will be shooting another video at the Adventure World reunion event for young carers aged 13 to 17 who attended the Telethon Wild SouthWest Camp in April 2016. This video will contain footage of the day, as well as informal interviews with young carers.

The YouTube URL is however you can also find our channel by typing ‘Carers WA’ into the YouTube search engine. Show your support and be the first to see new videos by subscribing!

Upcoming Events

24 Apr 2018

Moort Djerap Waabiny - Aboriginal Families Day

Carers WA and Point Walter

Moort Djerap Waabiny; "The family is playing together and is happy." Aboriginal young carers and their families are invited to a great day of fun and relaxation.

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27 Apr 2018

Craft Your Own Adventure for ages 8 to 12

Carers WA, Perth

Relax, play and be creative, in your own unique way.

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28 Mar 2018

Not Just a Young Carer

It’s very important for young carers to get to explore who they are in a way that’s not just linked to the person that they care for. Identity - Part 2.

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21 Mar 2018

You Matter, Too

Young carer's feelings and needs matter too but this can be hard to remember when you're always needing to make sure someone else is OK.

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