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Young Carers at School

Research has shown that young carers often value their time at school as it can offer them a break from their caring responsibilities at home.

School is a place where young carers can connect with other young people and it can also be a source for support and information about services that relate to them.

There are a number of trends concerning the impact caring might have on a young person at school:

  • Many young carers have reported that their role as a carer negatively impacts on their education.
  • Young carers have a lower rate of attendance and are more likely to drop out of school due to their caring responsibilities at home.
  • Young carers often find it difficult explaining their caring situation to teachers and peers for fear of adverse reactions.
  • Many teachers in Western Australia do not know what a young carer is and wouldn't know how to identify one in their classroom.

The Carers WA 'CLOUD' Engagement Program could help, to actively engage with schools to increase awareness and supports for young cares in the education system. Click here to contact our School Engagement Project Officer.

Reports relating to Young Carers

Below are a number of research articles which relate to young carers.

Reading, Writing & Responsibility: Young Carers & Education
Tim Moore, Ros Morrow, Morag McArthur, Debbie Noble-Carr, Jamie Gray
Institute of Child Protection Studies (ACU National) for Carers Australia
Funded by the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; April 2006
PDF Download

Hopping off the Roundabout: Supporting Young Carers in Western Australia
Tim Moore and Ros Morrow for Carers WA; 2007
PDF Document

The Nature and Impact of Caring for Family Members with a Disability in Australia
Ben Edwards, Daryl J. Higgins, Matthew Gray, Norbert Zmijewski, Marcia Kingston; Australian Institute of Family Studies; April 2009
PDF Download

Bring it! Young Carers Forum 2008 Final Report
Carers Australia; June 2009
PDF Document

Who Cares...? Report on the inquiry into better support for carers
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family, Housing, Community and Youth; May 2009
PDF Download

Supporting Young Carers in Secondary Schools
Carers Australia
PDF Download

Stop to Listen: Findings from the ACT Young Carers Research Project
Tim Moore; Youth Coalition of the ACT; April 2005
PDF Download

Young Carers in Education: supporting rural and remote young carers
Carers Australia