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A "carer" is someone who provides care and support for a family member or friend who has a disability, is frail aged or who has a mental or chronic illness. In general, they are someone who has accepted responsibility for looking after another member of their family who needs help in their daily life.

Young Carer

A "young carer" is a person under the age of 26 who helps to look after a family member with a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, or drug or alcohol problem.

Care Worker

A "care worker" is someone who is employed either privately, or through community services and organisations. They assist families by coming into the home and relieving the primary carer for an afternoon or a day, or they make take the person on outings into the community.

Primary Carer

A "primary carer" is someone who takes on the main responsibilities of caring for somebody. This may include manual work such as showering and dressing, as well as being in charge of medical and specialist appointments for their family member.

Secondary Carer

A "secondary carer" is someone who assists the primary carer by completing other daily tasks in the home such as looking after young children, preparing meals, or providing relief to the primary carer.


"Respite" is a term used to describe services that provide temporary relief for carers and their families. It may mean a weekly overnight stay in a group care facility, or in-home respite help such as cleaning and cooking services.