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Young Carers WA - New Referral Form

Referring a young carer to Carers WA's Young Carer program is now quicker and easier, with less stress on the family, thanks to an updated referral form. The referral form is available in an interactive PDF format which can be found on this website, under the Info&Help/ Resources tab. Families will no longer need to go through another interview with yet another service provider to register with Carers WA as service providers can fill out one form for an entire family, with the details that have already been provided.

Carers WA's Young Carer program offers young carers aged from 8 up to 26 free events, camps, advice, referrals and workshops! Counselling is also available to both younger and adult members at a nominal fee of $5 per session, with the first session being free. Members of the family who are younger than 8 can be registered with the Young Carer program and begin attending events once they have their eighth birthday. Don't forget to like our Young People Who Care - Young Carers WA facebook page and include your email address on the referral form, to keep up to date with upcoming opportunities. You can also sign up to receive our Web Bites e-newsletter, which is especially for young carers. Read our latest issues here.

The Young Carer team recommends that all of the carers within the family register with Carers WA, as support is available to carers aged 8 to 99 and beyond! Adult carers can head to to read more about the services available to them. These include social  and peer support, education and training, advice and referrals and counselling. There's also a Carers WA Facebook page and monthly e-bulletin.

If you would like to speak to someone at Carers WA about linking in with our services, or for more information, call 1300 227 377. Families who would like to register their young carer(s) directly can ask for the Young Carer Team.