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YOUNG CARERS 18-25yrs Social Networking Project

Young Carers 18-25years... this will be our final event for the Social Networking Project funding we received from the Department for Communities, Office for Youth. The aim of this 12 month project was to give young carers aged 18-25 years the opportunity to be involved in social activities, with the aim of developing a peer network of young carers to improve their mental health and wellbeing. The ‘Social-Lights' Committee was developed to assist in the organisation and implementation of these social activities - this committee in fact was comprised of all of the young carers who gave their feedback and ideas, and responded to surveys.

So thank you to everyone who contributed in some way. Whilst this funding is rapidly coming to a close, we are advocating for further funding to ensure 18-25yr old young carers are not forgotten... BUT, for this to happen, we still need your help - so keep an eye on your inbox in June for an evaluation survey of this Social Networking project where you can give your feedback on this project and share your thoughts about if you believe this type of service for young carers is needed. Thank you to all of the young carers who were involved in the project and who came along to the events. Click here for more details about our final event!