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The NDIS and Young Carers - a New Video has Just Launched

Late last year, Carers Australia released a new informative video, explaining the NDIS and NDIA to young carers. Carers WA has supported carers, including young carers, in their NDIS journey, for some time, through research, family services and by raising community awareness.

N – National

D – Disability

I – Insurance

S – Scheme


N – National

D – Disability

I - Insurance

A – Agency 

The video, which is on You Tube, explains:

  • What are the NDIS and the NDIA?
  • What is a planning meeting?
  • Which supports can be included in a plan
  • Why NDIS plans affect young carers
  • How important it is to talk as a family, before the planning meeting
  • How young carers can prepare for this talk
  • How to make sure that young carers are included in their family’s NDIS plan

Between 1 July and 31 December 2018, Western Australia transitioned from a state-delivered scheme – run by WA - to being a part of the nationally delivered scheme.

Read more here!

Between January and April 2018, the Young Carers WA program ran a research project on the NDIS and young carers and employed a part-time Research Officer to help. The team, which consisted of the Jodie; Young Carer Officer; Andi, the Schools Engagement Officer, Paul; the Research Officer and Jane; their Program Manager, consulted directly with young carers and their families.

The project research centered on young carer’s understanding of the NDIS, the experiences that they had with the NDIS and how to best communicate information on the NDIS and the NDIA to young carers, in their preferred communication medium.

Carers WA also has an NDIS team; Clare and Nadege who are Carers WA’s NDIS & Business Development Officers along with Deb, an NDIS Officer who also works in the Better Start program, an early intervention program for young children with disabilities.

The team travel across WA to raise carer and community awareness about the NDIS and NDIA – below is a photo of Nadege and Clare, from their interview at the ABC North West Karratha studio.

Clare says - 

I think it is hugely important that the voices of young carers are heard by the NDIS, remember that you can and should be part of any planning and review processes. You can use a number of planning tools including the Carer Checklist to think about all of the support you might provide to someone on a daily basis. Writing it down will help you, and the person you are supporting, to remember everything during the meeting.

For many people, the introduction of the NDIS has meant better supports that more accurately reflect the needs of the person with a disability. For one young carer here in WA, this has meant that she now has the ability to attend university to achieve her goals, whilst her brother is receiving the supports he needs to achieve his.

 The Carer Checklist is attached below. You can find lots more resources here, too.To talk to the NDIS team at Carers WA, call 1300 227 377The NDIS can be contacted directly on 1800 800 100


NDIS and Young Carers