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Support for Young Carers Interested in Employment

Young carers aged 14 and over who are interested in getting a job may be interested in signing up for the next Carers In Employment Program, a free course, which runs for 2 hours per week over 12 weeks. The next course starts on the 24th of May and will be held within the Perth Metropolitan area. 

The course is offered as a partnered workshop with Carers WA and the ORS Group for carers aged 14 to 65 who are currently in a caring role or have been in the last 12 months. Workshop locations rotate around the wider Perth region. 

During the workshop carers will look at their caring role, alongside receiving education and skills to be 'job ready'. 

The Carers in Employment Program also offers workshops to private, government and not-for profit-companies on how to be more 'carer friendly'. 

 The replacement value of the unpaid care provided in 2015 was $60.3 billion - over $1 billion per week .

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