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Local Projects, Local Jobs program awards Patricia Giles centre $40, 000 to support victims of domestic violence

$40, 000 was recently awarded, under the Local Projects, Local Jobs program, to the Patricia Giles centre which assists and supports women and children victims of domestic violence.

 A media statement was released by the Government of WA, on Wednesday, 26 July 2017, that stated:

“The funding will support the Patricia Giles Centre's family holiday camp and school uniform fund, the purchase of new bedding items and kitchenware for women's refuge houses, as well as DVD players, vacuum cleaners, and home starter packs.”

Media Statement

 According to the Patricia Giles website:

 “Domestic and family violence is when one person in a relationship wants to have power and control over the other person in the relationship. It involves the use of force, threats or intimidation by one person to control and manipulate others.” It can occur when an adult abuses another adult, an adult abuses their child or when an adolescent abuses their parent. Domestic violence can occur no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle of those involved.

Support is available in the form of accommodation, counselling and educational programs at the Patricia Giles centre. The centre has a program that is culturally sensitive to Aboriginal families and a free support group for all, where childcare is provided.

Patricia Giles centre website

If you know of someone who is experiencing domestic violence, you can help by believing them; letting them know that they don’t deserve it and offering to assist them in finding out who can help them.

If your family needs emergency accommodation, call Crisis Care on 9223 1111.