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Dob in your school!

Does your school recognise being a young carer as a challenge to your education? Do your teachers understand when you might be tired in class? Do you feel comfortable asking your teacher for extra help when you maybe couldn't finish your homework/assignments? Do other kids at your school know much about all the things you do as a young carer? If you answered ‘Nope!' to any of the above questions, we can help!

Here at Carers WA we have kicked off a new project which involves working with schools to help support young carers. That means the Young Carer team will be working not just with your teachers but with other students as well to provide information about some of the challenges young carers face.

If you would like YOUR school to get some more information about young carers:

Call us:      1300 CARERS (1300 227 377)
Email us:    [email protected]
Send a telepathic message:  (No wait, on second thoughts just call or email us)

Alternatively, if you are a young carer who has finished school and would like to help us really get this project flying, drop us a line!