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Around the Laverton Campfire with Andi from CLOUD

Around the Laverton Campfire with Andi from CLOUD Thumbnail

Recently, Andi Young Carers WA’s CLOUD School Engagement Project Officer, had the memorable experience of being a leader at the Laverton Camp Out for youth. Laverton is 4 hours’ drive from Kalgoorlie and the campsite is 15 minutes outside Laverton – very remote! It was a true camping experience, on a sleeping bag, under the stars.

The camp was funded by Minara Resources and the other youth leaders came from the Shire of Laverton and the Curtin University Volunteers program.

J:  “What was your most memorable experience? Your funniest experience?”

A: “Most memorable – all of it. Funniest moment – getting the kids involved in the activities, the kids were so much fun.”

J: “What did you learn? Is there a piece of wisdom you took from the camp that could specifically help young carers and if so, what was it?”

A: I learnt that regional and remote communities/young carers have to be supported in more practical ways. Regional and remote young carers are just as worthy of support as our metro young carers.

Carers WA will be sending the Laverton Youth Centre a gift pack, with lots of cool things, including a barely used X Box 360 and games.

J: “What are you grateful for?”

A:  “I am so grateful for being able to work collaboratively with the other supporting organisations, I would not have missed it for the world.”

J: “Were there any young carers at the camp and if so, were there any issues or things that specifically affected them?”

A: “Approximately 18 young people attended the camp, two thirds were young carers

These young people really enjoyed a good hug, attention, playing the games and all the free things, these young people don’t have a lot of personal items and it was quite moving to see them make a fuss over their goodie bags.”

J: “Will the camp happen again and if so, when? In the meantime, what other support is available for Laverton youth?”

A: “Yes the camp will happen again, not sure of the dates, probably in the warmer months. The local police run an AFL training session one night a week. Also, Laverton’s Youth Services Team provide a structured program of interactive, cultural, creative, artistic, educational, healthy, challenging and fun activities for children and young people. The service operates every day after school in term time, and selected weekends. In addition to this, an extensive and exciting package of activities and events are run during school and public holidays.”

J: “CLOUD and Carers WA will continue to support Laverton young people. Carers WA is organizing 15 movie tickets for a trip to Kalgoorlie, Shire of Laverton will be providing transport as it’s a 7 hour round trip. We will also be sending a box of donated resources once in a while for the youth centre. We will continue to work together to help support the young people in Laverton.”

Check out the cool photos here.

You can find out more about the Laverton Youth Services on Facebook.

Laverton Camp Out