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A Change Ahead - New Expressions of Interest process

A change is ahead for Young Carers WA in regards to giving Expressions of Interest and Consent forms for events. We hope that the new way of doing things will be a win/ win situation for everybody!

WHAT is an Expression of Interest and why do we have them?

An Expression of Interest is a phone call or email stating interest in a young carer event. Taking Expressions of Interest instead of RSVPs helps the Young Carer Team to assess how to give these opportunities to the young carers who need them the most.

HOW is it changing?

In the past, when an Expression of Interest came in, a Young Carer Team member assessed all Expressions of Interest then contacted parents or guardians with the outcome. The Consent form and Parent & Young Carer agreement was then sent out by email or post with the outcome letter.

Young Carers WA required one set of forms per event.


When the Expression of Interest comes in, a Young Carer team member will ask for an update on the young carer's caring role, then send out the Consent form and Agreement  by email or post. These forms will be due back by a certain date, which will be stated on the form and the Expression of Interest letter.

We will require only one set of forms to cover all events within a certain time eg. during the January 2015 school holidays. If the forms aren't received by due date, the young carer's Expression of Interest will not be accepted.

WHY is this changing?

Consent forms are vital in helping us to give your child the best duty of care: they contain medical details, emergency contacts and whether or not parents/ guardians give permission for their child's photo to be used in our media. Unfortunately, we often receive these very late - sometimes on the day of the event - and we have on many occasions had to ring families seeking the forms.

Plus, paperwork is a pain! So we are only asking you to fill out two forms at a time for a whole holiday period.

Would you like to know more? Contact us via this website, email us at [email protected] or call 1300 227 377.