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$2.1 million Job Opportunity Initiative for Perth Young Carers Announced


On the 4th of October, a media release entitled "Improving the lives of young carers" was published on the Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter’s, website. The release announced “three trial initiatives to improve the lives of young carers and help reduce the risk of long term welfare have been selected.”

In Perth, $2.1 million dollars will be invested in the Data-driven job opportunities for young carers initiative.Young carers will be matched to “guaranteed” jobs and training opportunities through an online system that uses data analytics and augmented intelligence . Young carers will also receive six months of mentoring and support post placement.

The other initiatives will be the $800,000 Skills for micro-enterprise initiativein Melbourne and the $840,000 Carer Achievement Pathway initiative in West Sydney.

Welfare reform is the aim of these initiatives; empowering young carers to reduce their risk of long-term dependency on welfare whilst maintaining the security of a “welfare safety net” when needed.

The Try, Test, Learn fund is a Turnball government initiative that was developed after ideas from almost 400 individuals and organisations were submitted in response to a call out across Australia. Chandler Macleod Recruitment Agency – a co-designer of the Data-driven job opportunities for young carers initiative - will be invited to apply to be the service provider for the project. The initiative will be trialed on 65 recipients for 18 months and is expected to save the government $2.3 million in total lifetime future welfare costs. No start date has been published yet.

Pro Bono Australia quoted Minister Porter expressing gratitude for the commitment of those who submitted ideas, to giving young carers a way out of the welfare system.“Thank you for coming to the table, having an honest discussion, and submitting an innovative idea that can help young Australians have a better chance of independence.”