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Young Carers WA has a new Team Member!

Young Carers WA is excited to announce that we have a new team member – Nerine Mason.


We’re excited to have Nerine and it’s not just because there are thousands of young WA carers to support and we need all the help we can get!

We’re also excited because Nerine is just as passionate as supporting young carers as we are and brings her own unique knowledge and quirky flair to the program. Nerine is working part-time, with Andi, in our CLOUD Schools Engagement Program

1.                   How would you describe yourself in 25 words or less?

Hmmm, what is it like to be me? I like to think that I am fun, engaging and passionate. I’m a big kid at heart which is why I love hanging around young people. I like to be spontaneous, imaginative and a little quirky which works well with young people.

2.                   What draws you to want to work with children?

I have always wanted to work with children and youths as they amaze me with their individual personalities and view on life. Young people are our next generation and I feel it’s important to support them as much as we can so they can move forward as strong, mentally healthy young adults who are excited to find their passion and purpose in life.

3.                   And with Young Carers WA in particular?

When I came across a position working for Young Carers WA I was really moved as, after calling about the position, it made me acknowledge that I was a young carer 25 years ago. I could never imagine that what I experienced backed then would assist me in helping young people as carers later in life.

4.                   What are your hobbies/likes/passions/interests?

I love nature, ecstatic dancing, music, spirituality and most of all dressing up in weird outfits and laughing with my friends. I have a big passion for good communication and I like studying emotional intelligence in my spare time.

5.                   So far, what has been your favourite experience with working with us?

Going on camp and excursions with young carers has been my most favourite experience so far, plus engaging with young carers in support groups.

6.            What have you got coming up, relative to the CLOUD Schools Engagement program, which you are excited about?

 I am excited about our upcoming camp for South West young carers in Harvey, in January 2019. Organising so many fun activities and personal development workshops for our support group is a dream job come true.

The South West camp is for young carers, aged 13 to 17, who live in the Great Southern to Mandurah catchment areas. Find out more at our Events Calendar.