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Welcome to 2012!

Helloooo out there and welcome to a brand new year!

We in the Young Carers team hope that you had an awesome summer holiday break and are settling back into school without too many dramas!

So a new year usually means people making resolutions...some we may be able to keep - "I will wake up earlier to get ready for school!", and some are just seemingly impossible to keep - "I will STOP eating chocolate!" (this is impossible for ME anyway).

Think about what you want to get out of this year - more time for yourself? More time to hang out with friends? Doing better at your school work? Maybe even making new friends? We can help you with all of those things! (I know, we're amazing...)

Let your teachers, or your parents, or friends know if you are struggling a bit and guaranteed they will want to help! Call us here at Young Carer mission control (sounds way cooler than calling it "the office") if you have any questions or concerns or just want a chat!

Ph: 1300 227 377   Email: [email protected]  

Keep smiling!

-Elise & Lorna

(Young Carer Super Team)