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Time to Kick Some Life Goals?

If you’re 17 to 25, a young carer and ready to find your own feet in the working world then Young Carers WA wants to help.

Our Training program can help fund the cost of a course that will help you gain skills and qualifications in your area of passion or future profession.

If you aspire to be a chef, you may want to take a Safe Food Handling course through Safe Food Australia.

Would you love to work surrounded by hipsters in a cool café? Take a barista course.

Dream of working in a music bar and getting to watch gigs for free? Take a Responsible Service of Alcohol course.

Or, choose your own course; the world is your oyster and the time is now!

To apply for this funding, just email [email protected] with the name of the course, a link if possible and a quick description of how this will help you reach your goals.

Get even more job ready and boost your confidence with Carers WA’s ‘Carers In Employment Program’ for ages 14 to 65.

Kicking Life Goals training flyer