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Start the Conversation!

Be brave!

We're not saying that you should walk around school with a big sign on you saying "Hi! I'm a Young Carer!" (unless you really want to of course) but remember that your teachers are there to help you out if you are struggling at school. Now don't roll your eyes, surely there's at least ONE teacher or staff member at your school who is just a bit cooler than the rest??

If so, go and have a chat with them when balancing your caring role and your school life starts getting a bit hard - if they don't know much about young carers, send them to this awesome website or ask them to call or email the Young Carer team to find out how they might be able to help you!

Or (yes! There is more!) get this awesome teacher/staff member to call or email us and ask for a copy of the fantastic young carer produced documentary called "Starting a Conversation". While we're on the subject of this awesome documentary, if you have some ideas on how teachers might be able to use this in the classroom to help people learn more about young carers then PLEASE, give me a call or email and tell me your ideas - or talk to the super cool teacher about it!

If you want to watch this documentary then head to our Facebook page (search for Young People Who Care - Carers WA) to check it out!

Remember you can always contact Elise or Lorna for a chat:

Ph: 1300 227 377  E-mail: [email protected]