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So today (Thursday 13th September) is "R U OK?" Day, and that means that ESPECIALLY today, ask someone just that - "R U OK?" The whole idea of this day is to build connections with the people in your life to help prevent yourself and others from struggling along with anxieties and big issues alone. Starting a conversation like this with a friend, family member or even someone you might only know a bit, could have a MASSIVE positive impact on their life.

How would you feel if someone took the time to really ask you if you R OK? I don't know about you, but sometimes just knowing someone cares can make all the difference!

How do you know how someone is REALLY coping unless you ask? How can anyone know that you yourself might need a bit of a helping hand if YOU keep it all inside?

So go on - ask someone: "R U OK?" and be a good friend/sister/brother/uncle/aunty/niece or nephew, not just today, but EVERY day!

Keep smiling!

-Lorna :)