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Looking for Help?

Struggling a bit?

If things are getting a bit overwhelming, difficult or just plain stressful for you, then remember that we CAN help you! All it takes is an email ([email protected]) or a phone call (1300 227 377)  or to reach out via the feedback form on this website for us to get on board and help!

We would LOVE to be able to read people's minds or reach out to all the young carers out there telepathically (we were thinking something like Professor Xavier's Cerebro machine thingy in X-Men but  it might be a bit too expensive.....) to see how you are all doing, but the sad truth is that we can't help you unless we know you need it!

So, short of us becoming awesomely talented telepaths and reading your minds, you need to call, email, send smoke signals, a pigeon or whatever method of communication you choose (maybe stick with phone and email..?!) and TELL us what you need help with!

We have a huge network of services specifically designed to help you out and if you're not sure where to turn - turn to us, and we will point you in the right direction.

Stay smiling!

Love the Young Carer SUPER team (Elise & Lorna) :)