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Free movie event for young carers aged 18+

"Movie By Design" is the latest event offering for young carers aged 18 to 25.

Young adult carers, we know that you're all very busy but we're encouraging you to take a break, relax for a few hours and meet some other young adult carers for friendship and support. Since we know that everyone's schedule is different, we're asking you to tell us what works for you.

If you're interested in seeing a free movie, with free snacks (who wouldn't be?!), with a bunch of people you don't know (otherwise known as potential new friends!) then simply contact us on 1300 227 377 or at [email protected] to register your interest. You tell us what movie you would like to see, when, where and what time and we will book the option that best fits the group. On the day, the Young Carer Officer will meet and introduce the group. 

Making new friends and looking after you can actually support your mental health, happiness and contribute to being a great carer. 

So why not take just two minutes of your day to contact us and we will take care of the rest.