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333 Bursary Grants of $3000 will be awarded in 2019 for young carer’s study – apply now!

Are you in high school or do you want to study at TAFE, Uni or take another type of course? Are you a young carer who’ll be aged 12 to 25 in 2019?

The Carers Australia Bursary Grant is for young carers, who are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, to support you in achieving your study goals. The $3000 grant will be awarded to 333 young carers, all across Australia, whose applications are successful.

Applications opened on Wednesday July 25th and will close at 3pm WST (Western Australian Time), 5th September 2018. Apply at the Young Carer Bursary website . Verification documents will be required. There’s a helpline number, if you get stuck; 1800 756 238.

Grants can be used towards anything that will help with your studies or your training, such as course costs, books and technology or specialist equipment.

Carers Australia will contact you throughout the application process and update you along the way. Finally, outcomes will be emailed out in October 2018 and if your application is successful, you’ll receive the first payment in January 2019.

I helped my second son to apply a couple of years ago. I can tell you that the process itself was not difficult at all, and my son was successful. He received 4 x $750 payments over the following 12 months which was a great help to him in his first year of uni.

 The great thing is that the funding does not require acquittals, so the young carers can use it for whatever they need. I think there was an online survey prior to the first payment and before the final payment. So definitely not a massive commitment for the individual.

 I’d encourage all Young Carers that qualify to apply.

Young Carers WA wants to see all young carers reach their potential – go for it and apply!